Please find below the speakers from our 2016 conference in Oslo, Norway. 

Our upcoming conference has not yet been announced. Check back soon to learn about future speakers! 


James R. Doty, MD 
is a Clinical Professor in the Department of Neurosurgery and the Founder and Director of the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education at Stanford University (CCARE), in addition to being a neurosurgeon. He works with scientists in a variety of disciplines to understand the neural underpinnings of compassion, its physiological effects and to develop validated techniques to potentiate one's compassion.
Brooke D. Lavelle
 is the Co-Founder and President of the Courage of Care Coalition, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing Sustainable Compassion Training (SCT) to educators, health professionals, and others in social service. She is the Senior Education Consultant to the Mind and Life Institute and a co-developer of the Call to Care education programme. Brooke holds a PhD in Religious Studies from Emory University.
Paul Gilbert, OBE
 is head of the Mental Health Research Unit, and Professor of Clinical Psychology, at the University of Derby in the UK, where he developed Compassionate Mind Training and Compassion Focused Therapy. He has published and edited 21 books. He is the series editor for a "compassionate approaches to life difficulties" series. He was awarded an OBE in 2011 for his contributions to healthcare.
Arild Bjørndal
Arild Bjørndal
 is a Norwegian public health physician with a special interest in the well-being of children and youth. He is Professor of Public Health at the University of Oslo and CEO of The Regional Center for Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Eastern and Southern Norway (RBUP), an agency involved in research, postgraduate education and service improvement in the area of child mental health.
Richard J. Davidson
, Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry, is a leading neuroscientist renowned for his ground-breaking work studying emotion and the brain. He is the Director of the Laboratory for Brain Imaging and Behavior at the University of Wisconsin--Madison. He has published hundreds of scientific papers, been featured widely in the international media and spoken at international forums such as Mind & Life and the World Economic Forum.
Frits Koster 3
Frits Koster
 is a MBSR/MBCT trainer from the Netherlands connected to the MBSR Training Institutes in the Netherlands, Belgium and Ireland. He has developed and teaches the Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living (MBCL) programme throughout Europe together with Eric van den Brink, and has written several books on meditation and mindfulness based compassion. 
van den Brink
Erik van den Brink 
is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist and mindfulness teacher living in the Netherlands. Together with Frits Koster he has developed a follow-up programme for participants who have already followed a course in MBSR/MBCT. This programme is called Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living (MBCL). Frits and Erik teach a Teacher Training Programme on MBCL throughout Europe.
de Vibe
Michael de Vibe 
is a family doctor and family therapist. He is now working as a senior advisor for the Norwegian Institute of Public Health on improving the quality of health care services in Norway. In 2014 he completed his doctorate on mindfulness training for medical and psychology students. He has practised mindfulness for many years and teaches and does research on the effects of mindfulness training. 
Jeremy Hunter 
serves as Assistant Professor of Practice at the Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management at Claremont Graduate University. He has more than a decade's experience helping leaders to develop themselves while retaining their humanity in the face of monumental change and challenge. He received a doctorate from the University of Chicago. His work is also deeply informed by more than twenty years' experience with Asian contemplative practices. 

Scilla Elworthy3
Scilla Elworthy 
is a peace builder, human rights activist, and the founder of the Oxford Research Group, for which she was nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize. Since she has also set up Peace Direct, a charity supporting local peace-builders in conflict areas. From 2005, she was adviser to Desmond Tutu and others in setting up The Elders. Her TED talk has been viewed by over one million people and her passion is now to engage leaders to make wiser decisions.
Mary Gordon 
is an award-winning social entrepreneur, educator, author, child advocate and parenting expert who has created programmes informed by the power of empathy. In 1996, she founded Roots of Empathy, which now offers programs in Canada, New Zealand, the United States, the Isle of Man, the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland. In 2005, Ms. Gordon created the Seeds of Empathy programme. She is a Member of the Order of Canada and an Ashoka Fellow.
Anne Sælebakke is an educator, physiotherapist and psychotherapist. Together with Anne Grethe Brandtzæg, she is educating teachers in Mindfulness and Care skills at RBUP, and running RBUP's Call to Care project at an elementary school. She has written the book "Children in Balance. Mindfulness and Empathy in Kindergarten" (2015), and has been practising and teaching mindfulness for many years.
Lund Kristensen
Hanne Lund-Kristensen 
is an Assistant Professor in pedagogy and head of programme for Early Childhood Education, University College of Southeast Norway, Campus Buskerud. Her work is related to both teacher training and developmental projects in different educational institutions, and is rooted in an ecosystemic approach to pedagogy, focused on creativity, health and life-leadership as core terms in the literacy of the EcoSelf.
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